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Custom Orders

Jess loves fibers


I would love to make a custom piece for you that fits your unique style. 

Please know that my next custom order availability is March and I am only taking 2 custom orders per month from now on.

Please fill out the form below and include the following 4 things.

1. Size

  • Diameter for round weavings

  • Length and Width for rectangle

2. Color Palette- send me some pics of some ideas and color combos you are feeling. If you can send me a pic you love of a room or even a piece of art I can match the feel and color combo!

3. Budget- Just let me know how much you want to spend. 

4. Style- tell me what style of my weavings you like! (Please don't send me pics of other people's weavings. I do my own designs. Thanks so much!) Check out my collections here for ideas.


I’ll send you a fiber color combo and basic design and you can sign off. At that time I’ll also give you an estimated ship date, There is a 25% deposit for all customs. I’ll show you the final product and the rest is paid at that time and then I’ll ship the lovely to you! 

That's it!

I can't wait to work with you and create a piece that fits your unique vision!



Photo by Max Snaps Photography