Standing by weaving workspace.

Hi, there! My name is Jess and I am so glad that you are here. 

I am a recovering perfectionist just trying to stay sane by creating art that resonates with others. I started Vevstol as a way to  sell and share my woven art with the world, but also to inspire and invite others to tap into their own creativity. The process of making and creating is meditative for me. The world feels chaotic right now and in general everything is a lot.  I hope to add a little calm in the chaos by sharing a glimpse into my creative process.

I know I  am a better human when I set time aside to create. I hope to build a space where I can share my art and invite you along so we can all encourage and learn from each other.  

Thank you for being here, it really does mean a lot to me to have you here on this journey with me.